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Recovery Coach Academy and Ethical Considerations 

Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) are designed to support individuals seeking to overcome substance use and/or mental health disorders across the lifespan. The R.E.A.C.H. OUT Project is a community-based organization in partnership with recovery-oriented systems of care as a comprehensive network and provider to service individuals before, during and after treatment.

CCAR's Model series Recovery Coach Academy and Ethical and Considerations focus on becoming a personal guide/mentor for individuals seeking or already in recovery. Also understanding what ethics are and why ethics are so important when performing Recovery Coach services.


Recovery Coaches* learn to sharpen their knowledge and skills and serve as accountability partners to promote positive change by offering hope and support.


Upcoming Trainings 

Transformation Training Center
429 Naugatuck Avenue, Milford

(Located rear of building next to Slices Pizza)

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  • CCAR Recovery Coaching for Basics: An Introduction for All - 1-day training includes certificate & 6 CEUs $50. 

  • CCAR Coachervision 2-day training includes certificate & 16 CEUs $225.

" The Recovery Coach role is NOT a 12-Step Sponsor, Counselor, Nurse, Doctor or Clergy