Transformation isn't a future event, it's a present day activity.

Carol Cruz - R.E.A.C.H. OUT Project Founder and Recovery Transformation Coach


Carol Cruz, Founder and Executive Director 

About the R.E.A.C.H. OUT Project

Carol Cruz started the R.E.A.C.H. OUT Project in 2014, as a project assignment for an organization called Parent Leadership Training Institute. She wanted to learn how to be an effective change agent in her community by providing awareness about addiction and to support youth and families affected by it. As a person in long-term recovery Carol was not anonymous about her 20 year career battle with addiction so she was all too familiar about this disease along with having mental health issues i.e PTSD and depression.


During a recovery walk fundraiser which was a part of the project; a mom came to her and told her about how her daughter Jessica died of an heroin overdose, alone only three years prior at the age of 22.  She told Carol her daughter was a good girl, a great student, who loved her family and friends and most of all her little sisters, but unfortunately was introduced to heroin after she couldn’t get prescribed pain medication anymore.


The Mayor of Milford,“a small city with a big heart"--where Jessica grew up and died was present at the event. Kim, Jessica's mom and a brave mom of three stood strong in front of him to say; "mayor we have a big problem in our little town," and he needs to get his “head out of the sand!” With the same breath she looked at Carol and said, "people like you can be my daughter’s voice." Her courage inspired Carol to become a nonprofit, so she could help remove the stigma, be part of the solution, and spread the word of hope that recovery can possible for all!! Sadly, Jessica's story and many others is not uncommon today and that is why Carol's life purpose is to provide recovery support to individuals and families that are affected by this devastating epidemic.

About Carol Cruz

Carol is a Certified Transformation Recovery Coach with 25-years of lived-experience in long-term recovery from addiction and depression. Her experience has taught her that coaching works to create sustainable transformation. She have personally enjoyed greater connection, fulfillment, and success as a result of “walking the talk” of the coach approach. Though her own personal development journey has been rigorous, she has transformed the way in which she lives, works and leads.​

As a wife and mother, Carol has a deep commitment to creating new models and pathways of making an impact on building strong communities, while raising a family and changing the culture where individuals thrive in the discovery of their unrealized visions and goals, both personal and professional at unprecedented levels.

Carol has always believed that people have great talent and gifts within them and she works with leadership teams and organizations to foster healthy and collaborative working relationships, optimize team performance and support employee


Carol's practice in recovery and transformation coaching will support

you were you are and where you want to be:

  • Gain clarity about your passion and purpose.

  • Improve intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. 

  • Improve self-awareness and self-management.

  • Rebuild relationships one step at a time.

  • Be effective in leadership.

  • Illuminate new thinking and possibilities.

  • Somatic Embodiment Practice...and so much more.

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